The Armenian Composers’ Art Festival reveals the Armenian musical heritage to the 21st century


” The Armenian Composers’ Art  Festival is of much importance for all of us. It carries narrow professional orientation, has big goals and mission,” mentioned the festival’s organizer, director and principal conductor of the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra Sergey Smbatyan during press conference at Sputnik Armenia Press Center on March 14.As per Maestro Smbatyan, from the very first day the festival aims to discover our values not only ​​for our society but for the world and present Armenian musical heritage to the 21st century.Grigor Yeghiazaryan is one of the best representatives of the Armenian Composers’ School, and he revived thanks to this festival, The Armenian Composers’ Art Festival includes not only concert programs, but also has its great role in the preservation of cultural values: records, digitalization of music works, etc., ” said Maestro Smbatyan.Composer Vardan Achemyan highly appreciates the Armenian Composers Festival. “We have wonderful composers who are a little bit forgotten now. The 20th century gave Armenia famous composers such as Komitas, Alexander Spendiaryan, Aram Khachaturyan, Grigor Yeghiazaryan, Haro Stepanyan, Arno Babajanyan, Saryan, Mirzoyan … We must preserve the values ​​they have created and now this is done by Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, with their organizer in the head, and we are very grateful for this. We haven’t listen for Grigor Yeghiazaryan for decades. He has written numerous symphonic works which have been performed in different countries and brought glory and honor to Armenia, “said Mr. Atchemyan.As per Sargis Balbabyan, responsible for artistic part of the Armenian Composers Festival, five chamber concerts took place for the period of March 5-9, during which Grigor Eghiazaryan’s chamber works were performed, together with Armenian classical and modern composers. When speaking about digitalization process of Grigor Yeghiazaryan’s works Sargis Balbabyan mentioned that few works are available today for us from the composer’s archive, as many things have not been preserved.Time ago only some of the scores were published, the main part of the album is missing, which makes it impossible to perform composer’s works. “I want to mention that we often receive proposals from abroad, with the offer to perform symphonic compositions of any Armenian composer, but unfortunately we often have not the possibility to send them notes, as they are mainly handwritten. European orchestras refuse to perform by handwritten notes. So, the desire to play the works of Armenian composers is present, but the possibility of implementation is not present yet. During the festival Grigor Yeghiazaryan’s “Hrazdan” symphony, “Armenia” symphonic poem and Violin Concert are being digitized, with only scores preserved, and there were only a few musical pieces that were not complete. “Over the past years, more than 60 symphonic pieces have been digitized within the framework of the festival, some of which have already been performed on foreign stages. Notes of digitalized works are being provided not only to archives, but also to the orchestras who wish to perform them. According to the speakers of the press conference, Grigor Yeghiazaryan’s “Hrazdan” symphony and “Armenia” symphonic poem will be performed in the nearest future.Conductor Sergey Smbatyan also highlighted the fact that the Armenian Composers’ Art Festival is organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and with the support of the RA Ministry of Culture. This means we focus on preserving our musical heritage.


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