“Tour to …”

“A tour to …” is a project in the frames of which the Youth Orchestra invites its audience to take a little virtual tour to distant countries, to get to know to foreign culture and music.

“A tour to Russia”, “A tour to Great Britain”, “A tour to Czech Republic” and many others: this is only a few of the countries the Youth Orchestra visited with its audience without leaving the local concert hall. Through their powerful musical art composers make the listeners temporarily detach themselves from the people around and appear somewhere faraway beyond the borders of Armenia, have a more imaginary view of their homelands, explore national values and their lifestyles.

Each concert of “A tour to …” is about one country, several composers, different eras and performance of evolution of classical music of one nation. These are all represented during only one concert evening.

“A tour to …” is a musical project about one whole country which seems to be settled at one of the concert halls of Yerevan: you feel the soul of Yerevan and the atmosphere of foreignnes simultaneously …


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