Armenian Composers’ Art Festival

6 years ago, in 2010, the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia came up with an initiative to realize a new project, entitled the Armenian Composers’ Art Festival. Being clearly aware that the works by many Armenian composers are ignored and forgotten, the young musicians decided to focus their efforts on introduction of achievements of the Armenian contemporary composers’ school throughout the world. From the very first time, the Festival was being held under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and was supported by the Ministry of Culture of RA.

“Founded in 2005 the State Orchestra of Armenia is now one of the most active collectives of Armenia. While gaining its experience by performing classical pieces, the Orchestra has initiated the promotion of national music. Along with the classical pieces of different periods, nations and  artistic trends the Youth Orchestra under the baton of artistic director and principal conductor Sergey Smbatyan performs Armenian classic, contemporary works and the most importantly pieces by young composers. National pieces are presented both as separate concerts and in the frameworks of festivals. This Festival gives us an opportunity to present new and artistically complete pieces.”  

Araksi Saryan

Honored Art Worker of RA, PhD in Fine Arts, Professor

The main purpose of the festival is the creation of strong relations between the generations, creation of heritage values of the Armenian composers’ school for future generations and provision of the continuity of the process. The Festival was purposed to be not just another entertainment occasion, but a significant event predominantly specified for the professionals and the connoisseurs of the classical music.

Each year the Festival traditionally bears the name of one famous composer, whose anniversary is being celebrated during that year. Saryan-Fest (2010), Babajanyan-Fest (2011), Tchouhadjian-Fest (2012), Romanos Melikyan-Fest (2013), Terteryan-Fest (2014), Edgar Hovhannisyan-Fest (2015), Mirzoyan-Fest (2016) – 7 festivals and 7 prominent names of the masters standing at the peak of Armenian musical culture!